US $ 12.99 - US $ 18.99

Switch Lever are removeable levers that can be paired with Switch Thru axles featuring the logo. Switch Levers have several options to make them more useful on the road or trail.

Switch Levers are compatible with Switch Thru axles, both of which feature the laser etched on them. Switch levers are a convenient way to carry a lever so you don’t need to carry a multitool while riding. A Switch Lever can be left in a Switch Thru Axle while riding and it won't rattle or fall out. The lever can be removed and carried in a jersey pocket.

There are two Switch Lever shapes, and both come with various options. The slotted versions are milled to reduce weight. If you prefer added functionality, you can choose from a bottle opener or valve core remover. In addition to the standard 6mm hex that is used to tighten or loosen the thru axle, we offer the option of a hex 4 or 5, or Torx 25 or 30 to make road or trailside adjustments quicker.

If you don't have a Switch Thru axle with the logo, you can check out the options.