The crew at ThruAxle.com has been designing and machining products for the bike industry for years. We have a floor full of the finest machinery and a staff of well-trained engineers and machinists.

To ensure that only the strongest, and most precisely made thru axles make it out the door, we have strict testing and quality control standards. But we don’t just design and make products, we also ride bikes with the products we make so we know they perform as well on the road or trail as they do in the lab.

We are proud of all the thru axle we make, from the most basic to the innovative Switch system and when you try our products, you’ll see and feel the difference.

But we aim to be more than a maker and seller of thru axles. As disc brakes become more prevalent due to lower price points and the growing road disc market, there are also more types of thru axles than ever before. Even with this growth, there are still very few sources for replacement axles and information. We are here to help by providing a wide range of information and resources to help you pick the correct thru axle to fit your bike.